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MAT UK is a group of sushi consultants who offer help and advice to people who wish to start, or increase the profitability of an existing sushi business.
We are the first sushi and Japanese food consultancy who has undertaken projects throughout Europe - from small restaurants to suppliers of supermarket chains - and believe our contacts and knowledge of the industry is second to none.
Our mission is to work with our clients so people can, wherever they go, easily find and enjoy good quality sushi.

Our Services


Sushi Consultancy

  • Sushi consultancy
    Mr.Matsunaga has been sushi business for
    last 26 years in Japan and UK. When you start new sushi business, there are quite a few pitfalls as seen in any business, therefore his extensive knowledge and experiences about sushi are big help for your sushi business.By using his service you could save a lot of time and money.

Sushi robot

Sushi Equipment

To enhance your productivity as well as creativity,we put our recommendation here.We can get any kitchen equipments from Japan. If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us further.
More details

For your reference,you can see some of our customers.
More details

  • Are you looking for the sushi chef?
    We can introduce sushi chef through our professional network.
    If you are sushi chef, we can help to find the job in Europe for you.
  • Do you want to start sushi bar in London?
    We can help you to set up sushi business in London.
    • Find the location
    • Make a design and construction of the sushi shop

Please contact us for details.

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