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Sushi Consultancy


Are you setting up a new sushi business?
Are you already a chef and would like to be able to make sushi?
Our aim is to help your sushi business.

8 KEYPOINTS we discuss with you

KEYPOINT 1: Decide the type of sushi operation

  • Sushi Take away
  • Sushi Indusrial factory
  • Kaiten sushi
  • Japanese restaurant

There are 4 types of sushi opertion.You need to decide first which one you choose. Then you need to know how much it will cost to start that sushi business.

KEYPOINT 2: Cooperation with reliable suppliers

There are several Japanese ingredients wholesaler in EU. For the succesful business, it is very important to have a good and long relationship with suppliers. Normally wholesaler carries stock of several brands of each item. For example, there are 3 to 7 different brands with sushi vinegar as well as other main sushi ingreients such as Wasabi,Nori,Rice and Gari etc. I will help you to decide which brand you decide .

KEYPOINT 3: Calculate the food cost exactly

For the success of business,it is very important to calculate the food cost exactly. Also when you change or add the new items into your menu, you need to have a easy system to have new cost.
I will work with you to develop your own sushi costing excel file.

KEYPOINT 4: Decide the efficient lay-out

To arrange the good lay-out for the kitchen is essential for efficient production. I have been working in restaurant,take away sushi bae,sushi industrial factory. Therefore I can advise you the best lay-out for you.We can discuss in details via E-mail or phone to achieve best lay-out kitchen.

KEYPOINT 5: Find the most suitable Sushi Robots and Equipment

There are many sushi robots and equipments from various manufacturers in the market now. I can tell you which model is the best for you on the base of your operation and budget.
We can also offer you the best prices as we have a partner in Japan and Korea to source any sushi equipments.

KEYPOINT 6: How to cook the best sushi rice

To cook the best conditioned sushi rice is the most important to gain the good reputation from the customers.The way to make sushi rice is very different between the industrial factory and sushi take away/sushi restaurants, because the shelf life is different among those operations. We can advise you how to make sushi rice according to your size of operation.

KEYPOINT 7:Help for developing a popular sushi menu in the market

Sushi menu is very flexible and therefore sushi became international. I work with you to develop creative,charming sushi menu with you!

KEYPOINT 8: Learn the ideas from other existing sushi owners

We constantly update the latest sushi news from Japan,UK and other countries. Those information are quite useful for you to build up your own marketing strategy. You can see how other sushi owner's are trying to enhance their sushi sales.

I hope we can build up a long and fruitful sushi business relationship soon through my Sushi Consultancy!!

If you are interested in our sushi counsultancy,please contact us!

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