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Sushi Market News from UK and Japan

[check]We constantly update the latest sushi and Japanese Food news from Japan and UK to benefit your business.
[check]Those information are quite useful for you to build up your own marketing strategy.
[check]You can see how other sushi owner's are trying to enhance their sushi sales.
[check]We visit Japan to attend the main food exhibition to update the news for you.

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Content of Sushi Market News

Food exhibition Schedule from EU and Japan


  • Cod roe Tarako available in UK
  • Rolls ideas
    • Futomaki
    • Ebi fry roll
    • Korean style roll


  • 2009 December
    • New Rolls from London
  • October 2009
    • 1st Temari sushi shop in London
      • Sushi no Shiori
      • Our web site about Temari
  • September 2009
    • EDAMAME BEANS from Markes&Spencer
    • Chicken sushi selection from Markes&Spencer
    • Party tray from Markes&Spencer
  • August 2009
    • Sushi&Packaging from ITSU at London
    • Packaging from Wasabi at London
    • Sushi packs from Waitrose supermarket at Oxford,motorway
    • Sushi packs from Markes&Spencer supermarket at London
    • Sushi packs from Morrison supermarket at Camden,London

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