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  • Siado, Netherland
    First of all, the contact between Mr. Narihito en me before I came was perfect. He is a very proffesional and sweet guy. He also picked me up from the hotel lobby near his adress. What a service. The course was starting with a briefing. They tell you what you are going to learn today and if there are any questions, you are free to ask them. Its a one to one course, so all the focusses are on you. You learn how to cut fish, make the perfect rice, to roll sushi with and without the machine, make misosoup and some exclusive ingriedients. I had a real good time and have learned alot. I can recommend everyone for this course.
    17September 2011

  • Richard, UK
    ‎"I really enjoyed my time doing this course and got lots out of it, I am a professional chef and I wanted to learn from experienced professionals and that is exactly what I got and in a lovely environment. Thank you both for the experience and accommodating all my needs I will be recommending you to my friends and colleges. "
    8th August 2011

  • Xiong,UK
    The whole course was very structured and orgainsed, I am the only student in the course, therefore I had the full attention of Nari and Yoshie. I believe the knowledge I learned throughout the course will be very helpful to my starting up of Sushi business. I brought the Sushi back to Liverpool, my wife likes them very much, she said, that is the best Sushi I made so far.
    15th July 2011

  • Andrey and Marina,Iceland
    Me and my wife attended the sushi course on June 27th 2010. The atmosphere at the course was very pleasant, we did not realized the time we spent there, so fast and enjoyable it went. The teachers, Mr and Mrs Matsunaga know very well what they do. The course we attended would teach basic, but very precise and efficient techniques how to boil and prepare rice, make Japanese omelette, cut fish, prepare fillings for maki-zushi, make maki, nigiri, gunkan and pressed sushi. I would highly recommend the course for those who want make sushi using professional, polished by years of practice techniques. There is not book or video that could substitute it.
    29th June 2010

  • Kai,Daby and Ruby,UK
    • SHOP Details: http://www.kitsu.co.uk/
      i would like to thank you and your wife for last week, the course proved invaluable for both myself and for ruby. the course has improve our knowledge about sushi and we can better our business by controlling the quality of sushi coming out of our pass. my restaurant has good reviews from customers however there are always room for improvement and i will ask for your help in due course.
      many thanks
      13th June 2010

  • Frida and Eva,Spain
    Thank you very much for a very informative and creative day although very intensive. We both enjoyed it all very much. We felt we got the most important information from you both and that you shared your knowledge and gave us the "best bits" in making your own sushi business. We are already in full go contacting suppliers and local markets to get some competitive prices. We will be in touch soon..you know we like to ask a lot of questions. :)

  • Ken Snarey,Classic Catering Ltd,Jersey
    I attended Narihito & Yoshie Sushi School on the 9th September 2009. By attending this course I learnt all the techniques of Sushi making including some very good knife skills, they also introduced me to some fantastic Japanese produce and ingredients which I would have never heard about let alone cook with if I had not attended there course.
    I will certainly be keeping in touch with them both and will be attending any new courses that they have to offer in the future.
    Thank you again Narihito & Yoshie for passing on your knowledge and inviting me into your home.

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